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Wedding Trends 2020 – Haldi Ceremony Ideas to Steal

Today Haldi ceremonies are not just about applying haldi to the bride and groom as a ritual, but more about having fun with your fam and friends. So here we are with some haldi Ceremony ideas topping our list of wedding trends 2020 to help you totally slay on your haldi day!

Top Wedding Trends 2020 for your Haldi Ceremony

A Dashing Haldi Entry

stunning way to enter your haldi day | Wedding Trends for Haldi Ceremony
Photographer: HITCHED & CLICKED

Bridal entires aren’t just limited to the wedding day, even on the haldi its now cool to enter in a fun way! weather its with your squad or a smoke bomb passage to come through, a filmi Haldi entry is one you have to do! *hearts*

Floral Jewellery

From wearing floral jewellery on mehendi day to dolling up in floral jewels on haldi ceremony, we have come a long long way. Yes, floral jewellery is now a complete haldi ceremony MUST do!

Flower Shower For the Bride Please

Flower showers are ABSOLUTE FUN, therefore there is no reason why you should not have one!

PS – Here’s more ideas on making your Haldi day fun in every way!

Stunning Backdrops

Creative Haldi Ceremony decor ideas like this where haldi is spelt out with genda phool, and decorated bridal seats and swings are so in!

Common Haldi Function

Well combined haldi is not at all a bad idea. Grooms Family + Brides Family = DOUBLE FUN

Check out some beautiful haldi captures from real weddings.

Simple Sarees/Suits

Gone are the old days when a bride had to wear her old clothes for her haldi. New and all yellow outfits are a complete haldi trend now. PS – all simple all yellow sarees with marigold flowers in your hair are haldi favourites to wear!

Solo Pictures with Your Mains

Your haldi is a time when emotions are on an all time high, its also the time to get the best solo candid with all your fam – from your parents to your bhai!

Customised Fam Jam Outfits

Trending hard right now are also customised outfits for your mains on the haldi day. Be it quotes or just relationship tags, these styles don’t just look fab but also make for amazing memories later!

Couple Shots

Who would have ever thought that the haldi would be the time for a couple shoot? But now with joint haldi’s theres so many opportunities for photos together that come out super cute!

The Expressive Bride

After years of being told to keep a poker face, for the first time ever, its actually trending to show off the most fun expressions at the haldi!

The ‘Handy’ Bridal Portrait

Also right now the perfect shot to sum up your haldi with your cousins and bff’s, too dramatic but why not!

Tag your buddies and help them decide what trends are they going to follow on their haldi ceremony.


Featured Image Source: MD Films, Vows & Tales & Kartik Bhagat