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Witty vows reveals how to pair the best suited earrings to your pretty face shape
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LETS FACE IT – Choosing Earrings Best Suited for your Face Shape! 💎💎

Every bride must pick the perfect jewellery to complete her bridal swag! Question is, how? Lets face it – stylists reveal best way to pair the correct pick for your face shape!

Our face shapes can be broadly classified into 6 shapes. We’ve got insider scoop on the right pairing for each shape, ensuring you meet your match in jewellery too!


Stand in front of a mirror such that you can easily reach it without leaning forward. Keep your back straight, your head high, and your shoulders back.

Now trace the outline of your face {excluding the ears} in the mirror using anything non-permanent – a water based sketchpad or even a lipstick/kajal pen.

whats your face shape witty vows

Compare the outline with the shapes below:

face-shapes-to choose your bridal jewellery witty vows

If you need help with this, check out this video to guide you through.

(Psst! You hair style and makeup can do wonders to create the illusion of a different face shape, we’ll cover that in our upcoming post)


Lets see what experts say are your perfect earring partner –


If you have a strong square face silhouette, your accessory picks need to work on softening your jawline. You should pick round hoops, long teardrops and narrow chandelier earrings to add length and will minimize the width.

Whatever you do avoid wearing studs and solitaires. The only singular bling should be your wedding ring!

square face celeb match choose the earring for your face shape


Those with a round shape should always think long. Vertical earrings are their best friends as it creates an illusion of length. So, wear long vertical styles or angular designs such as rectangular, trapezoids etc. to flatter and narrow down your face.

round face celeb match witty vows - pair with long earrings


If this is your face shape, then you want to focus on widening your forehead. Apt for this shape are earrings where the max width should be at the level of the cheekbones. Small studs and ear cuffs are a good pick for you.

Triangle face celeb match witty vows best suited earring styles for your face


If you have an oblong face, you want to pick styles that hide all that length and play on accentuating the width of your face. For you large bold styles are best, you can even try wide chandeliers with movement to create drama.

Oblong face celebrity match witty vows


This is considered the easiest kind of face to accessorize, since it complements most kinds of jewellery. Just keep the size of the earring in balance to the size of the bride, whether you are petite or large.

Hoops, chandeliers, tear drops and other soft shapes best enhance this face shape. Even angular designs are great as it can offset the roundness of an oval face. The only style you need to avoid is long shoulder-grazing earrings, since they tend to lengthen the shape of your face.

Bridal jewellery shopping - pick the right earrings for your face shape


Wear earrings that highlight your cheekbones. Wear earrings that are larger at the bottom as these will help balance your face. To add width to the pointed jaw, wear dangling earrings with teardrops or triangle drops.

diamond celeb match earrings for your face shape witty vows-01


Accessorizing a heart-shaped face is all about achieving a narrower forehead and widening the jawline. Since this needs more width at the chin, pick hoops, curves, teardrops, triangles and other dangling designs that occupy horizontal space thereby widening the jawline.

heart face celebrity match-01

Now that you know how to pair the earrings here’s a cheat code to the necklace and Mathapatti pairs.

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