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indian bollwyood songs based on your zodiac sign
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Which Bollywood Song To Dance on As per Your Starsign

We all love Bollywood, and no Indian wedding is complete with some Bollywood songs be it super fun or super senti ones! But choosing sangeet songs is no easy task! What better way to choose the right kinda Bollywood song for your wedding than matching it your starsign. Yesss! Here’s a cheat code to choosing your song basis your particular zodiac sign!

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Ek Do Teen/Lehenga

The Aries Gang is Dynamic and spontaneous. For your totally passion personality these two tracks – lehenga & Ek do teen are perfect!

Taurus zodiac


Lat Lag Gayi!

Your Bollywood song according to your starsign should be something which has a little bit of sensualness to it along with a fab melody!

gemini zodiac


Chunari Chunari

Gemini Gals you’re super versatile, expressive and kind at heart. Being super vocal, your bollywood song should cute and expressive too!

cancer zodiac


Dilbaro | Raazi

You’re a senti type a bride who isn’t afraid to show her emotions and is super loving towards her fam and friends. In your dances, there must be a dedication to your fam, super emotional yet glam!


Leo zodiac  songs according to your starsign


A full medley – O Haseena Zulfonwale Jane Jahan, Saat Samundar Paar, Husn Hai Suhana, London Thumakda

Leo ladies are dramatic outgoing, firey and self assured. Your Bollywood song is going to full of drama! Typical Bollywood types – a complete medley with the whole fam and a lot of expressions!

virgo zodiac bollwyood songs according to your starsign


Ghagra | Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani

Virgo, you are known to be practical, but super fun bride at the same time. An easy breezy and harmless flirty song is what you’d like to dance on!

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Bole Chudiyan| K3G

Libra ladies are gracious and super chill in everything that they do. They love it when there is balance and harmony around them, they believe in doing everything elegantly. So what better track for you than an evergreen K3g track?

Scorpio zodiac scorpio Bollywood Song Starsign #wittyvows #bollywoodsongs


Ankh Maarey | Simmba Or Dil Dooba

Passionate, brave, stubborn is what a scorpion girl is! With so much to offer, your bollywood song should be a fun-filled song mix with a lot of thumkas and energy!

sagitarius zodiac Bollywood Song Starsign #wittyvows #bollywoodsongs


Le Gayi – Dil Toh Pagal Hai | Shara-Meri Yaar Ki Shaadi

Extroverted, optimistic, funny and full of energy is a Sag girl. Your Bollywood track has to be one from the past and which is full of energy so that you can have fun!

capricorn zodiac


Nachdi Phiraan | Secret Superstar

Capricorns are serious, tenacious and super dedicated in what they do, they like to go all out so be prepared rot practice a performance that will totally mesmerise everyone – props and all!

Aquarius zodiac Bollywood Song Starsign


Bari Barsi Dance Choreography | Closer & Kabira – Vidya Vox

Deep, original and experimental – You feel the need to constantly do something different at all times. For you, an interactive face where you include everyone or mixing Hollywood and Bollywood tracks in your dance is your perfect dance match!

zodiac pieces Bollywood Song Starsign


Maahi Ve – Kal Ho Na Ho

You are a creative, artistic, affectionate with a little bit of sass kinda person. You’d like to do an easy breezy performance with your Mahi thats super cute 🙂

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