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Best Spotted Pre-Wedding Shoot Themes for 2020

In this age of instagram love isn’t about roses, it’s about nailing the best ‘instaworthy’ poses! Every Indian wedding will now start with a pre wedding shoot, that should be beautiful, heartfelt & cute! So, if you’re getting married soon, here are some handpicked best pre wedding shoot themes for 2020!

Totally Trending Best Pre-Wedding Shoots Themes For 2020

Cute & Snuggly

Cuddle a little, snuggle a tad. This cozy couple shoot is a total trending theme to stay not just a fad! Best done as a small getaway, where you can also spend some time with Bae *YAY*

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Swimming Pool/Bathtub

Drowning in love never looked so good! Get with the trend with some stunning artistic/ intimate bath tub/swimming pool photo shoots with your fiance.

LIT Love

If you feel like your partner ‘Lights Up Your Whole World’ then why not let your shoot say this too! Fairlights and sparklers is one of the LIT themes for 2020’s pre wedding shoots! Set some sparks with your love story 😛

Squad Shoots

Remember the time your besties were there to listen to your 2 a.m emotional breakdown, its only fair you have your BFFs with you to make your pre wedding shoot the best in town! Paint the city red and make some amazing memories with this pre wedding shoot theme for 2020 that’ll trend aplenty!

Monument-al Moments

Very much still in trend are poses in front of India’s beautiful monuments. To help you out we’ve even handpicked those where you can get a shoot for free!

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Our Love is Special (Effects)

Another pre wedidng shoot theme for 2020 that’s doing the rounds is photoshoots that have the best special effects! From shadow photography to overlays, from light photography to photoshopped hearts, there’s no special (effect) thing you can’t have for your new start!


Windy photo shoots with long trail gowns are totally trending. Pose with your bae the Bollywood way and rest the pictures will say!

The “I Do” Photoshoot

Let the ring do its thing! Proposing to your partner and capturing that moment for your pre wedding is not just trending but, is such an emotional thing 🙂

These are all our handpicked special pre wedding shoot themes, that will make sure the start of your wedding looks like the stuff of dreams! Tag a bride to be and get her started 🙂



Featured Image Source: (Left) Nik’s Pictures & Tanushree Vaidya Photography (Right)