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Grandparents at your wedding
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Different Ways To Make Your Grandparents Feel Special At Your Wedding

Weddings are all about love and what greater love than that of your grandparents! Grandparents are the most loving souls in anyone’s lives and have always put your needs in front of theirs. They’ve left no table unturned when it comes to making you feel special! Now that you are getting married and going away, you MUST see these ideas to make them feel special on your wedding day!

How To Honour & Make Your Grandparents Feel Special At Your Wedding 💕

While you may already have tons of ideas how to involve your bridesmaids and cousins, we have come up with some really sweet ways to include your grandparents in your wedding and make them feel super special and a big part of your wedding shenanigans!

Say Cheese Ghee! 😁

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You’ll be busy posing and pouting with your friends but you’ve to plan a full fam bam photo with your grandies in focus cuz Kapoor & Sons has already taught you how important those pictures are! P.S you don’t know it yet, but even your candid clicks with your grandparents will be your wedding favourites!

 Showstopper Swag 😎

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They’re your grandparents, of course, they have some serious swag! Don’t hide their fabulousness, make them rock your sangeet dance on the latest kicking numbers. Fun grandparents = super funny song ideas. Imagine Dadu Dadi romancing on a song! – Aww 💓!!

An Entry That Will Go Down In HISTORY 😯

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Yep! EVERY bride out there is planning a bridal entry with her friends, why don’t you do it differently and create TRENDS. Take a cue from this offbeat brilliant bride who let her Dadu walk her in with papa. Such a tearjerker! *sniff 😞*

Dadi’s Gems 💎

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While she insists her most precious gem is you, she’ll be so happy to see you flaunt her precious wedding set. The vintage jewels will be unlike anything you can ever find in the market (designer or otherwise ) and it’ll be your own super fashionable something borrowed. And let’s not forget, vintage is soooo in!

Grandparents’ Wedding Pic: 👫

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Your grandparents set major relationship goals, let their wedding pictures set photo goals too! Love the idea of including generations of happy relationships simply by holding up your grandparents’s wedding photo in your own and recreating their pose with boo (hopefully your marriage can recreate their happiness too)

Bade Baraati 😍

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Don’t expect your oldies to retire early when everyone out there having fun. They can be really fun if they want to. Take them to the photo booth for some fun pics with cool props, be their candid best  ALWAYS. Let them dance silly at baraat and lastly, let them crack unexpected jokes at the bidai (Punjabi kids know what we mean :P)

Are you all set to make your Grandparents feel special at your wedding ?! tag your fam to see how you’ll make your grandma & grandpa feel grand when you hear your wedding band!


Featured Image Source – Dream Diaries & AshwinKiReet Photography