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Sangeet Game Ideas Perfect For Your Intimate Indian Wedding Party !

At an Indian wedding the Sangeet night has a charm of its own. From dance offs, to games to cute props and segments – the possibilities of fun at a Sangeet is limitless (just like the alcohol at the sangeet bar :P). It’s the perfect night to let your hair down and have a rager with your friends. That’s why we’ve picked out these super cute interactive Sangeet game ideas that are just perfect for a blockbuster night 😉 Having said that, Wittyvows has curated the fun-feisty games that’ll make your wedding LIT, for real !!!

Latest Sangeet Game Ideas That Are Super Fun !

Get witty & ditch those boring weddings! And what can be more exciting than some ‘hatke‘ & happy wedding games for your Sangeet 😉

Tasveer se tu nikal ke saamne aa !

Well, this game is basically like solving a puzzle, in which the bride has to put the groom’s face together & vice versa.The one who does who’s faster, wins the game ! Also, you can turn this game into a super fun night by including baratis as well – Team work!

PS – It’s a great way to use your pre wedding shoot photos at the wedding!

Joote lo, answer do ! (The shoe game )

This is one of the most happening Sangeet night games !! The bride & the groom are seated on chairs (on a stage or the middle of the venue ). Then both of ’em remove their shoes & exchange with each other…So now the couple is holding each other’s shoes. A set of questions are asked, to which the answer is either ‘the bride’ or ‘the groom’.

Spice it up by giving paddle boards to your guests with the bride /grooms faces and have an audience poll too!

The wheel of fortune + fun!

You’ve to spin/roll the wheel (or somebody else can do that), then you’ve got to do whatever the wheel says 😉 Sounds so fun. No ?

Shoot or shot!

In this game, you’ve to aim at the puppets with bae’s face & shoot ’em down ! If you’re wanting a ladki wale vs ladke wale game, then this is one is just perfect for you. All you’ve got to do is make a list of questions on how well bae knows you – a right answer wins a shot and a wrong one gets shot!

Bring the Ring !

The new concept of hand rings toss that will lighten up the vibe, for real😁..Also, you can click some really crazy photos with this one 😉

Freeze Frame !

This one is all about the thumkas, but with a twist💃. Play the music & let everyone dance around..then all of a sudden pause the music 😉

As soon as this happens, everyone needs to freeze in the exact position.You’ve to make appoint a judge for this & the one who maintains his freeze position for the longest time, will win🌟 !

Get Limbo !!

This is a super fun game for youngsters & flexible baratis 🙂 As the music progresses, with the stick or something like that gets lower & lower- people have to dance & cross below it without touching it🤪..Anyone who falls or touches the ground with their hands is considered out ! Whoever fails – gets a shot!

Life Ki Ludo !

Play as team groom and team bride in a lifesize game of Ludo and snakes & ladder! Afterall, all that practice during the lockdown will come in handy!

Tug of war ho jaaye !

Divide the teams into a bride team & the groom team, or the legendary girls vs boys..& let the fun begin;) … Relive your childhood with this evergreen game & also you can have gifts for the winning team as well 😎

(PS- It is a perfect game- if your celebrations is in outdoors or in a spacious space )

Clay Pictionary

Pictionary but in 3D. Let your guests unleash their inner artists to make little clay figures and have their team guess what it is!

Larger than life ‘Jenga‘ !

Here comes our fav jenga 😍..Test your skills & have a super fun Sangeet night with this one 🙂

We’re damn sure that you’re in love with these latest wedding games ! Trust us, they’ll will make your celebration of love even more lively 🙂 Do tell us your fav game idea !



Featured Image Source : (C) House On The Clouds