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Real Grooms Reveal Wedding Night Reality – What Actually Happens on your First Night!

Indian Couple | Intimate photos | Wedding Night Reality
(c): Vijay Essem & C0

We’ve all at some point thought about this – what do couples really do on their wedding night? Do they actually do IT? Is there really a FIRST? So many questions which will be best answered when we’re actually in THAT situation. But, we couldn’t wait that long (& we know even you can’t) so we asked GROOMS what happened on their first and trust us it’s NOT what you were thinking #BubbleBurst

Wedding Night Reality Revealed by the Grooms!

Pins Pins and more Pins

“I swear I have never seen so many pins in my life! They were everywhere on the bed, in the bathroom, on the floor! And what’s up with back combing? Why do girls even do that? It was like she was fighting a war with her hair!  The only “first” I got on my wedding night was a total hair scare, LOL.”

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NO room for Action

“You would think finally being alone after ALL that we’d just want to rip each other’s clothes off but I was sure if I even tried to do anything to her precious designer lehenga, she would rip my head off! She obviously couldn’t remove the 5 kilo lehenga on her own, let alone the thousands of pins keeping everything together! So, all we did was carefully help her detangle and get rid of all that endless crap that by the end of it was all over the room. We were honestly too tired after that for anything!”

The Baniya Banter

Tired Indian bride sleeping | Wedding Night Reality
(c): Tarun Vishwa

“My wife and I texted all night long… and no it wasn’t sexting. I am baniya boy and so the first night was a total killjoy! My wife had to sleep in the other room with my mom and she kept texting me that how my mum’s snoring and she can’t sleep!”

Drop Dead Exhausted

Indian couple tired and finally catching some sleep | Wedding Night Reality
(c): Little Big Weddings

“We were sooo Tired from the 10 day celebrations (which felt like forever). Why are Indian weddings so long? All we did was take a refreshing bath (no, not together), talked a bit at night and fell asleep – spooning.  Cuddling her was the most non action I have ever gotten! But would I trade it for anything else? NEVER!”

Sorting Out The Silly Pranks

Indian couple requesting friends to leave | Wedding Night Reality
(c): Razz Photography

“It was a nightmare! All my friends and cousins got together and rigged the whole room with pranks! The phone calls, the alarm clocks, the door banging and what not! We spent the whole night tired AF like prank zombies!”

Gossip with MY Girl

chit chat day with bae
(c): Dipak Studios

“We spent the night recounting moments, checking out our friends snap/insta stories (discussing who hooked up with who :p)”

Food Frenzy

“I married my soul mate!! We took a hot shower and pigged out on room service, because we obviously didn’t eat at our own wedding (Duh!)”

Tag your soon to be married friend and let them know what will actually happen on their first nigh aka Wedding Night Reality. 😛



Featured Image Source: Vintage Films Photography, Dipak Studios & Banga Studio