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Wedding Outfit Shopping To Find Your Bridal Lehenga In The New Normal Times For a 2020 bride!

Are you a 2020 bride who’s panicking because you don’t know how you’ll do your wedding outfit shopping and find that perfect wedding outfit? We don’t blame you! Between the lockdown, quarantines, shipping delays and production timelines, ofcourse you WILL panic! But you don’t have to worry, we’re here to help you find your dream wedding outfit without even leaving your house, during unusual times of Covid.

Tips To Find & Buy Your Dream Wedding Outfit During Covid Times! 

Virtual Shopping Services

Shopping for your bridal outfit is one of the most exciting things AND exhausting things to do. To do this from the comfort of your home, you can simply register for a virtual shopping service that MOST new age brands offer today. Virtual shopping will not only provide you with many options, but give you an assistant to help you as well. Get the full bridal treatment and save time, risk AND money too (as some of the designers are having amazing discounts) 

A Personal Shopper

Consider hiring a personal shopper to help you choose your wedding outfits without leaving your house. A personal shopper will take inputs from you as to your budget and your personal style to present you with options that’ll suit you best. Choose whichever you like most, without worrying about covid, of course!

Source: Style Inc by Megha Bhargava

Visit by Appointment  

If wedding outfit shopping is something you’d like to do on your own, then visit boutiques which work on an ‘appointments only’ basis. Ofcourse, you must take all precautions such as wear your mask & gloves! Ask the stores to sanitize your outfits before you give them a try!

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Bookmarking all those stunning outfits on Insta, will not go to waste! As much as we loved doing this pre-covid, it has become an extremely important part of bridal shopping now. With many designers launching their new collections online, you can easily choose the ones you like, and be sure of what you want. 

(c) Aviraj Saluja

Consider at Home Trials 

Look out for stores and designers which are offering trials at home, so you can try your outfit options at the safety of your house. Pair it with your jewelry and shoes to get the idea of your entire bridal look. This will save you a lot of time and your family members can also help you to decide.

home trails
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Get Yourself Something Borrowed and Amp It Up

Have you been eyeing your mom’s wedding saree/suit and thinking of wearing it on your big day? This won’t only look gorgeous on you but, will also save you the hassle of outfit shopping. Add some trimmings or pair it with a new blouse to amp up the whole look! 

something borrowed
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Virtual Trials

Have you shopped on beauty websites which let you try lipstick virtually? Well, you can do a similar thing on some fashion websites like Rent It Bae. They offer a virtual trial of clothes, which help you get an idea of how you’re gonna look on your big day, without leaving your house. How awesome is that? 


We hope you are not panicking anymore! We have all you 2020 bride sorted!

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