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Lockdown Wedding Bonus- Better Ways To Use Your Wedding Money & Wedding savings From Intimate Functions!

A lot of couples decided to get married during lockdown with intimate celebrations & limited no. of guests. Like we’ve been saying, while small, intimate weddings are not just less people, they’re eco-friendly and pocket friendly too while still creating maximum emotional impact! So, rather than seeing the glass half empty with a small wedding, lets view it as a beautiful long marriage with lots of savings :). If you’re also getting married during this pandemic, then here are some ways in which you can use your wedding money for your future rather than on one day. Trust us, you’ll love then thought of intimate weddings more, when you see it this way!

Smart Ways to use your Covid Wedding ‘Savings’

If your wedding is under your set budget, then what to do with the surplus amount? Well, here’s what our smart couples did. Scroll down to find out, what their saving were about!

Make Investments

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When it comes to saving money, we always think about investment. If you want to keep this wedding money aside we’ll suggest you to invest it. From share market to the property investment , and mutual funds, you can invest your money where ever you want for a better returns. Take professional help before you go ahead with any kind of investment.

Tip- Never invest all of your money in a single place, to minimize the risk of loss.

Take that Month long Dreamy vacation

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Who doesn’t want to take a vacation that last for months, with no financial stress? If this pandemic spoiled your honeymoon plans, then be ready for a better one! Plan your dream vacation/honeymoon after things become normal. You may not be sure when you’re going to travel again, but you can definitely make your itinerary and keep money aside accordingly!

Buy Jewellery

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Pandemic is not only that’s getting on our nerves, it’s the gold rates too! With jewellery prices being unpredictable and yet sure to rise, It’s smart to invest in some. If you don’t want to buy solid gold or jewellery, you can invest in gold bonds too!

Keep it for the celebration you always wanted to have

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If having an intimate wedding during lockdown was not your choice, then you can always have a big celebration later! Plan a grand anniversary party where you do all the fun you missed at your intimate wedding.

Your Home Sweet Home

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Who doesn’t want to have a place of their own! If owning the place you call home is your life dream, then you should keep your wedding money aside for this. You keep this in bank or use it as down payment for your dream house! If you already have a house, place that money into doing it up since you’re going to be spending so much time at home!

Take Insurance Policies

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This pandemic made us realize how unpredictable and fragile our lives and jobs are! So why not invest the money in life insurance policies. A foolproof way to keep your loved ones taken care of all their lives.

Reinvest it into your business

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If you own a business and wants to expand it, then use your wedding money as investment! A good way to use your savings for a better income and better future! There’s no better way to make most of the money saved from lockdown wedding professionally!

How are you planning to use your lockdown wedding money? Tell us in the comments below!



Featured Image Source: Gopalika Virmani | The Wedding Story Official