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First Valentines day after wedding
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Non Cheesy Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your First Valentines Day

The week of love has officially started and we can’t be more excited for our witty couples who are celebrating their first valentines day after their wedding. If you’re madly and deeply in love with your spouse but, hate doing cheesy stuff, then you’ve come to the right place. Wittyvows has the perfect Valentines gift ideas for your first valentines day to show your love to bae – without being chessy! Scroll down to see!

5 Non Cheesy Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your First Valentines Day

Firsts after the wedding are always special. And you can make this valentine’s day extra special for your partner by spending some quality time together WITHOUT being cheesy. Have a look 😉

A Family Night

Family night at valentines day
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We know its unconventional, but this is where your vows to care for each other come in! The most precious gift you can give your wife this Valentines day is her family. Arrange a family night and spend some quality time with your loved ones on the day of love given that this past year would have been tough for her staying away from the fam in covid times that too!

A Movie Night

A movie night with bae but no Rom-coms on V-day. Opt for different genre like horror or thriller to choose from along with your fav. snacks and drinks on the side. Enjoy! PS – don’t hurt to snuggle up and comfort bae, when she gets scared 😛

A Spa at Home

Your spouse definitely deserves a day to relax and enjoy. Instead of hiring a professional, give them that massage yourself. Spruce up the place with some candles, essential oils and soothing music to set the mood. Enjoy that massage from bae, leading wherever it may 😉 *sexy time*

To Finally Sort The Wedding Pictures

The most romantic thing you can do is to go down the memory lane and see your wedding pictures. And, the most non-cheesy thing you can do is to sort your wedding album. This gift idea is a double whammy! Sit down with your spouse and sort those pictures asap. Trust us, this will save you a lot of trouble in future.

PS- Wants to amp up your first home with Bae? Head here for some awesome ways!

A Social Media Date

Is your spouse a social media buff? If yes! then this one is for you. Spend this V-day with bae creating some fun Instagram reels. Try the new trending reels and challenges to make it more fun and happening.

Hope this helps you to plan that perfect non cheesy Valentines day gift for Bae. Tell us in the comments below how are you going to spend your valentines day.



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