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Now Trending – Hairstyles With Gajras Brides Are Rocking !

Glamourous hair accessories steal the show every now and then. But, the gorgeous look and fragrance of a gajra never goes out of style! The beauty and simplicity of gajras make it irresistible even for millennial brides! If you’re also searching for the most beautiful hairstyles for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve shortlisted the trending new hairstyles with gajras for all the lovely brides out there !

Gajras Reinvented – New Trend Of Bridal Hairstyles

From Bollywood divas like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to the stunning real brides, the ladies gave the gajra stunning modern spins! So take a look below at our favorite gajra hairstyles…

The Criss Cross Jasmine Jaal

Sonam Kapoor gave us major hairstyle goals in the criss cross jasmine jaal and many brides have tried their own version since! This won’t only look stunning for your mehend, you can also wear it for your wedding too!

Princess Jasmine style loose bands

Want to live the childhood dreams of being a princess? Well, this Disney princess hairstyle is such a pretty way to add a touch of tradition and style to your hair! Pick from close knots to loose bands 🙂

The Mathapatti Style

How about switching your traditional mathapatti with a gajra styled one to keep it light and quirky! Blogger bride Dipa Khosla gave this style a go ahead at her mehendi and it’s definitely a favourite since! Perfect to try for when you make your way to your prince 🙂

Full Cover Gajra

Whether it’s as a braid or for the bun – the charm of a full gajra is unparalleled. Dot be afraid to accessorize it with a hair pin in the center 🙂

The Gajra Veil

Gajra, gajra everywhere, this style comes with a twist on how to accessorise your hair! If you’re the experimental kinds then these long trails of gajra and pink peonies will make the crowd go WOAH !

trending hairstyles with gajra
(C) Paran Singh

Tiered Buns

How about keeping it organized and detailed with tiered buns? Traditional, yet unique 🙂

The UnderCover 😛

Trying to keep it subtle but stylish? These undercover gajra hairstyles (pun intended) are the perfect choice if you’re looking for down low gajras with a soft approach!

We’re sure that these refreshing bridal hairstyles with gajras have caught your attention! Do tell us your favourite from the options above 😛



Featured Source Image : (C) Richa Dave (jasmine beauty) |(C) Sonam Kapoor on instagram