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⚠️ Pro Tips for Pretty Pics – All you MUST know to Slay the Proposal PhotoShoot Trend! 📷💍

Proposal Photoshoots are the newest trend this wedding season that you NEED to get in on. After all, capturing every moment is now the way of life (we’re talking Snapchat, Instagram & Whatsapp Stories). So, why not capture that moment when you ask her to become your wife? The perfect proposal shot is totally a must have photo for those tying the knot! Now that you know you must capture your portal too, here’s pro tips to help nil this trend for you 📸

Things to Keep In Mind before Getting Your Proposal Photoshoot

Here’s your guide to nailing a proposal photoshoot so you have some killer shots to share with your friends, fambam and facebook 😜 *Pro Tips for Pretty Pics*

Discuss your story with your Photographer

Your photographer will help you with the ideas for the Proposal Shoot. They can totally help you create the perfect shoot for your love story. Use their experience to find the perfect idea!

Proposal Photoshoot | New Wedding Trend | Indian couples | Prewedding | Popped the question | Wedding photography by Wittyvows
Photo Credits: Design Aqua

Scout the Location

Since you’re going to keep it a secret, make sure that the place is super special. It’s all about the love spot. Go simple & stunning with popping the question on a roof top OR fabulously fancy with a surprise proposal on a vacation! The answer is her choice 😓 but the location can be yours! 😈

Photo Credits: Anoop _WK

Find a Hiding Spot for your photographer

You need to find your photographer a great hiding spot if you don’t want them AND the entire surprise to be caught!! 😱

Photo Credits: Cupcake Production

Practice the Proposal

Practice makes perfect and she deserves the perfect proposal. So practice your move and plan something special for HER. Dive into everything you know about BAE to make it truly about her (girls love nothing more than the fact that you KNOW them 😇).

Here’s our very fav. proposal where Krunal popped the question to Radha (a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fan) on the sets of the famous show!

Or Take notes from Anuj Patel who proposed to his girlfriend Sushmita using a social media scavenger hunt ‘coz they met on twitter! ⬇︎

Anuj and Sushmita twitter proposal                                                                                Photo Source : Anuj’s Twitter Handle

How do YOU plan yours? Think about BAE. She loves candles? Have them in your shoot. Balloons make her happy? Buy a dozen. She’s crazy for the color pink? Buy everything pink. After all, one usually falls for such details, get them in your proposal to tip the scales 😉

Photo Credits : D Kreate

Include friends and family

Indian pre wedding shoot with pets | seventy by two photography
Photo Credits – Seventy By Two Photography


Make the proposal photoshoot fun by including all your loved ones! You can include pets too. Nothing cuter than paws in pictures!

Go for Golden Light

Time your proposal for the best photography light – not too dark nor too bright. The best time is after sunrise or before sunset to get stunning pictures which will require no editing whatsoever 😎

Photo Credits: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Plan a Post Proposal Photoshoot

Why stop at the proposal? Ask your photographer to snap away even after, and get candid shots of the happiness and laughter. A mini engagement shoot that’ll capture all the love and fun, you can then use this to announce your wedding to everyone! #PaisaVasool 😜

Indian couple proposal shoot                 Photo Credits : Morvi Images

What you NEED to capture

Her expressions – The whole point of this shoot is to capture your bae’s smile. (the reason why you fell in love with her in the first place 😍) We’re sure that the bride-to-be would love to see her surprised expressions later on!
The Proposal Moment – Every girl wants a magical proposal, one she can brag about in front of her friends and family and capture for posterity.
Small details – You can get arty shots of the ring, your entwined hands, happy tears (we hope there are many!) ❤️

Photography Credits: Amy Rose Photography
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There, now you know everything you need, to get the perfect proposal photos to slay this trend on your instagram feed!


Tell us in the comments below What you are going to plan for your proposal? ⬇️

Featured Image Source: Kiss Me in Paris