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Rules For Newly Weds To Survive An Indian Marriage In The New Normal Times!

Sharing a home with bae is like a dream come true, but what about the inlaws you have to share it with too? Especially in the pandemic where most of the independent working couples are back home, living together in more close quarters than ever before making it hard to survive an Indian marriage! If the daily routines of others are disrupting yours and it’s getting tough day by day to adjust as newly weds, here are some basic tips to make your safar in new sasuraal sufferable 😛

Rules For Newly Weds To Survive Their New Indian Marriage

Living under one roof with new family may not give you enough time with bae and for yourself too, leaving you annoyed and spoiling your mood everyday. Try these small tips and routine hacks to make your new life fab as a wife and help you survive your Indian marriage in this pandemic!

Plan A Weekly Date Night With Bae

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A night where nobody can disturb you and make sure the family knows about it, so they don’t keep on knocking the door or keep calling you every few minutes. You both can watch a movie, have Chinese in your room, or just take a long drive with McD takeaways. Whatever you like, just make sure that night is for you two only.

Morning Rituals

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Mornings in a new sasural can be pretty hectic from helping out in kitchen to working from home. So take out few minutes with bae to have your morning snuggles and bed tea together, before the world storms into your room and the WFH takes over your day.

Taking some ME time

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This one is super important. A new couple doesn’t just need WE time, you both also need ME time! This one is harder for the women to do, but, try pulling some time alone for yourself. This could be an afternoon nap or lazing with a book on your lap! Whether you like to watch a show before bed or have a self care routine, make sure your husband and family know about your ‘me-time’. Even if they find it bizarre and selfish, they’ll make peace with it eventually.

Don’t Say ‘Yes’ For Everything

Being a new bahu puts a different kind of pressure on girls to be liked by their in laws. But, that doesn’t mean you have to change yourself. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and commit only as much as you can do. Saying ‘hanji hanji’ to everything, just to make your in-laws happy is a wrong move. It may seem a little rude to say no but, trust us, this will help you in the long run!

Family Bonding Night

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The best way to know your new fam, is to spend some quality leisure time together too! Have a night just for fun board games or movies so you can know the new family better. Spend the evening chatting away, this will help you to know more about the in laws and their rishtedaar too!

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Set Boundaries

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As a newly weds you need to have your privacy. Your love and fights are meant to stay within the walls of your bedroom. Make sure you don’t let your families get involved in your private affairs and this will help you built your life as a couple.

Video Calling Your Parents

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While we’d suggest taking a day a week to head home to your folks, with this pandemic, when it’s not possible to visit them frequently. So, video call them whenever you can. Make sure you’re able to connect with them once every day, so you don’t have to worry about them and your new family too understands that you have your fam time everyday.

Hope this helps you to make your new journey a happy one. Tell us in the comments what you do to adjust with your in laws!



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