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Top Indian Wedding Trends That Will Rule In 2021 Weddings !

Needless to say, that COVID-19 has altered our lives and we have seen a new normal in Indian wedding trends this year. So here is a look at the positive trends this new normal brought that we believe will continue to slay in 2021 for weddings !

Check Out These Wedding Trends That Will Rock The Wedding Season Of 2021!

Here’s our list of the best wedding trends that are going straight to 2021!

Paperless Pyaar !

Gone are the days of physical invitations. The trend that’s here to stay is 100% digital invites with virtual wedding links. Digital invitations aren’t just environmental friendly but, they allow you to achieve a far greater quality of aesthetic in a pocket friendly manner too!

Our editor’s pick for the perfect wedding invitations that fuse quirk and class is Pink Whistle Man by Ranjani. Head to this fun creative agency to get the most innovative digital invitations for your intimate wedding. Not only will you find some beautiful award wining ideas (literally!), but you’ll also find a friend in this wedding vendor who will help you tell your love story in the most creative way! A perfect pick for those who want a fusion of cute, quirky and classy invitations that too – in the digital form!

Micro Weddings – Maximum Love

With the arrival of micro weddings, the big fat desi weddings are now a thing of the past ! Not just a necessity, but, full of heart, these functions are definitely going to be loved in 2021 too.

Minimal Makeup – Maximum Impact

The new normal in weddings has introduced masks in wedding couture. With this, we’re seeing brides adopt a more minimal dewy look overall, with emphasis only on the eyes!

Grooms Breaking Stereotypes !

We can’t help but admire the way our grooms experimented with feminine colours, soft shades recently! Our gentlemen have ditched the old school ways and changed the perception of masculinity through colours and outfits right to pretty pastel saafas! This wedding trend surely is going to rock the weddings for the next few years!

Twinning Time!

The most adorable recent wedding trend is baratis twinning the colours of their outfits with each other ! In intimate weddings, it’s way more easy to match with one another and literally be ek dil ek jaan ! The same colour palette is one of the sweetest wedding themes for 2021 weddings!

Saree, not Sorry !

We’re seeing a shift from wedding lehengas to gorgeous bridal sarees and loving it! We’re damn sure these stylish sarees with a hint of tradition are going to be a favourite in 2021!

Staycations For Pre Wedding Shoots !

More and more couples are planning pre wedding shoots within a concept of a holistay. No more long trips and far off destinations, our young lovers are falling for these cozy homestays for magical pre wedding shoots !

Focus On Furniture, Not florals!

This season, the focal point of all weddings was not stage/backdrops, rather cozy lounges instead! Outdoor weddings with indoor inspired lounges are definitely a trend to behold! Our millennial couples are focusing on the stunning seating setups decor with peppy furniture, rather than keeping their eye trained on florals like before!

Belted Bags !

This one is a perfect combo of classy with the urge of a sorted lifestyle. These belted bags on brides will definitely remain chic in 2021 too!

Hair Accessories !

2020 was definitely a year of hair highlights! With brides focusing a LOT of attention on dressing up their hair with stunning new accessories giving way to a whole new category of adornment. This trend of intricate hair details is one for 2021 too!

That’s our pick of the top trends that’ll make way to 2021, do tell us, which one caught your eye !



Featured Image Source : (C) The Wedding Files | (C) Amrit Photography