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How To Make Your Wedding Lehenga Look Like A Designer Bridal Lehenga

 Her wedding is one of THE most important days of a girl’s life, and looking her best is what she wants. But, not everyone can afford to buy a designer bridal lehenga for their big day. So does being on a budget mean you have to restrict your dream? No way! We’ve got you a few secret style hacks with which you can add a designer touch to your bridal lehenga and make it look showroom level fab!

Pretty Details To Add To Your Wedding Lehenga To Make It A Designer One!

A Unique Second Dupatta

Add an extra Dupatta for that extra drama! Having a second dupatta makes your outfit look more royal and elegant. There are so many options of dupattas you can add to your bridal attire and make it stand out from afar, making you shine like the star you are.

Head here for the stunning second dupattas that you can add to your bridal lehenga.

Latkans and Lattos

We’re loving this trend of customised latkans to add to your lehenga to make it pop! There are so many options to make these latkans specials. Add your names, wedding hashtag, your wedding dates or even something special to you and your BAE and make your outfit tells your love story. A super stylish way to make your lehenga look like a designer one on budget!

Extra Borders & Patches

Love the lehenga you are going to wear but want to make it little heavy on work? Add some extra borders on the ghera and dupatta to make it look more stylish and designer. You can even add some personalized details in the border embroidery!

Pleats/ Ruffles Or Fringes

Add cute little hand-made trimmimngs or fringes matching to your outfit and make it a total hit! The biggest identifier to our dreamy Sabyasachi lehengas for the last two years have been their kiran work fringed dupattas! You can easily get these fringed borders at local shops and add that extra drama to your outfit. 

A Trail 

Trails were a major Bollywood bridal trend in 2018 and they’ve stayed well till now. There are a lot of ways in which you can add trails to your attire, be it long second dupattas or an extra length in your lehenga, this will definitely make your outfit pop and shine.

A Beautiful Bridal Belt 

We love how Sabyasachi uses those belts to make your dupatta draping look neat and stylish. Get a belt made out of the matching border you have in your lehenga and add that ramp ready touch to your outfit.

Wear Your Designer Detail On Your Sleeve

Wearing your heart as well as those designer details on your sleeves, while going towards your new life as a wife. Add cute little touches like an extra border, embroidery, little embellishments or fringes. there are so many options to make those sleeves super special.

Capes for the Super Bride

Every bride is a super bride (no-doubt in that) and we just love the idea of capes or long jackets. Use long floor sweeping jackets to add that extra drama to your outfit and make your lehenga a superhit!



Cover Image: Israni Photography