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2020 Wedding Trends- Tips To Nail Fabulous Pre Wedding Photo Shoots At Home

2020 has changed a lot of things for us. But, it couldn’t change our love for a dreamy pre wedding shoot. In spite of Covid, we love how our couples choose to experiment with this one. From exotic locations to posing bold, our witty couples created some pre wedding photo shoots, we just can’t forget. If you’re also planning for one, we are here to help you out, to have a pre-wedding being safe and sound!

2020 Wedding Trends- Things To Keep In Mind While Planning your Pre Wedding Photo Shoots

Couple goals | Romantic pre wedding shoot
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So here are things you should keep in mind, while planning your pre wedding shoot in this unusual time, to be safe with bae and make memories of a lifetime along the way!

Destination you love

As everything is opening up, you have some options to choose from. If you want an outdoors shoot, we’ll suggest you to find something that’s a car ride away, any ‘shoot location that have different backdrops’ will be the best.

If you’re someone who prefer indoors and would love to have their pre wedding shoots in a pretty house, then book a pretty Airbnb or homestay, even your own house can be a perfect location for your pre wedding shoot with bae.

Choose The Look

After finalizing the location it’s time to finalize the looks. We’ll suggest you to keep the looks to 3 max with matching masks of course! This way you won’t be rushing into changing clothes every hour and will have ample time to get all the clicks.

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Count The Crew

Couple goals | Pre wedding photo shoots in pandemic | 2020 wedding trends
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From photographer to the MUA and extra helping hands you need, try to keep the crew to a minimum. As you won’t be wearing mask all the time and will come in contact with the team it’s wise to have only few people around. This way you’ll make sure space is not crowded and everyone is safe.

Keep A Covid Kit Handy

Pre wedding photo shoots in your house | Romantic couples | 2020 wedding trends
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You should keep a covid kit with you all the time. It should have disposable masks, gloves and bags; sanitizer wipes and spray, since, they’ll be asking you to pose while touching things. Ask the owner of the property to disinfect the space before you start the shoot.

Props To Pop

Try and pull as many props as you can from the house, so you know what you’re touching! Please make sure you order them 2-3 weeks before the shoot, so that they reach you on time and you have enough time to exchange/return and disinfect them.

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Have A Plan

Plan everything 2 weeks prior to the shoot and share copies with BAE. Right from the kind of pictures you want, to the clothes you need, you don’t want to leave anything for the last minute! This will be keep you stress free on the shoot day!

Hope this helps you to plan your dreamy pre wedding photo shoots without any stress!



Featured Image Source: Delhi Velvet | Studio Finesse