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A stunning DIY Indian Wedding in the Hills | Budget Bride | Subhashree and Jonathan | Photo - Arjun's tryst with the camera | Curated by Witty Vows
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A Chiller Wedding in the Hills, with all the Frills, minus the Heavy Bills 😎 – Subhashree & Jonathan

A super scenic location – ✅

An unconventional & fun couple – ✅

Swoonworthy designer details– ✅

Fancy pinterest ideas on point – ✅ , ✅ , ✅

A crazy fun destination summer woodland wedding – ✅

Insanely expensive affair – A BIG FAT NO ❌

Wait, What???

Yep, you got that right! This Joda didn’t just have the dream destination wedding but they also had a dream budget too!

Meet the couple aka #JODAS2016
A stunning DIY Indian Wedding in the Hills | Budget Bride | Subhashree and Jonathan | Photo - Arjun's tryst with the camera| Bright hill station mehendi | Yellow and pink outfit for the wedding | Curated by Witty Vows

Subhashree and Jonathan set just about every wedding goal possible in their delightful wedding in the hills! Budgeted but not boring – rather far from – their wedding was unconventional in every which way.

Throw in a beautiful lakeside Odiya wedding, a stunning christian ceremony and an amazingly chilled creative affair in the midst of the stunning hills of Naukuchiatal! 😯💗

Here’s the icing on her delicious (pinterest style) cake ⬇︎

Subhashree was a DIY bride! She led every decision months in advance with killer instincts so that she was able to close everything the way she wanted it, in her budget, without any compromises and handover everything to her planners in time to enjoy the wedding! 👏

Wedding Highlights?

Err, just about everything! ⬇︎

(click to expand/zoom)

The Amazing attention to detail from the invitation to favours!
The Fun Pinterest Hill Station Mehendi popping with colours and pom poms!
The Baraat on a Boat
The Daytime Odiya style wedding ceremony by the lakeside *sigh*
The Rustic Woodland Christian Wedding
A Fairy light forest cocktail

So how did they pull off a DIY intimate yet lux wedding on a mind boggling budget, that too, along side their super demanding jobs?

Through amzing dexterity, perfect practicality, magical multitasking, Subhashree’s smarts, Jonathan’s jokes and a little something called technology! From the destination to the decor, from their planners to the website – This new age couple used all these free and fab online resources to craft their dream wedding!

Here how they winged their summer woodland wedding ⬇︎

How to DIY your fabulous Indian Destination wedding | The Indian bride's TO DO list | Steps to plan an outdoor wedding in the hills | Subhashree & Jonatahn | Curated By Witty Vows

STEP 1 – Talk to your family & freeze your budget.

Now, keep it frozen. NO MATTER what.

STEP 2 – Find your wedding mood – This is pretty much your vision for the wedding functions.

Both Jonathan and Subhashree were sure they wanted a personal chilled out wedding surrounded by people who really knew them and cared about the wedding!

From the bride – “I used pinterest and wedding blogs to see what I liked. I found woodland weddings that I loved and it all fit in. I wanted something organic, close to nature, unfussy and yet beautiful”

Tip: What she said! Ladies, wedding blogs are the best way to find inspiration which is pretty yet practical. Hello! Its what we are here for. So subscribe here! 😇

Check out how perfect her wedding (right) was twinning with her pinterest inspiration (left) ⬇︎

And once you find your style, theres no better way to assemble your thoughts than on Pinterest! (if you use it right!)

STEP 3 – Nail the venue.

They wanted a chill, natural and non stuffy venue. So they headed to the hills for that woodland dream!

Tip: Use apps like Trivago, Makemytrip, Oyo to do your initial recee. Psst! MMT has a new cod feature on bulk room bookings too!

STEP 4 – Get reinforcements 🙋🏻

Subhashree’s nightmare –  “I had seen so many brides hassled on the wedding day because things were not going their way!” Way Uncool. You want your wedding to be your dream, NOT your nightmare. Looking for planners was HIGH priority.

TIP: God helps those who help themselves google! Subhashree and Jonathan found nearly all their vendors online! They got to pick from vendors pan India & found young, fun vendors who were super excited for their wedding!

STEP 5 –  Actions speak louder than words –  Actually DO the DIY dream

You have the ideas, the people to physically execute it all you now need is the goods! Subhashree stongly recommends using locally sourced stuff for decor & food ‘coz it brings down the costs like how and literally adds local flavour!

TIP: We kid you not, for the more exotic décor elements which were’nt available locally they simply ordered these on Amazon! Whoa! 👌🏼 For signages they found free printable templates online and customised it for themselves!

How to DIY your pinterest wedding | Buy decor from online shopping sites like amazon | Ideas for modern Indian Brides to Plan their wedding | Curated by Witty Vows

STEP 6 – Be realistic and Prioritise in advance – You may be the bride but you’re still human!

It’s a huge task to plan your wedding. Break it up. Daily take time out to look at your emails and revert to your vendors.

TIP: Make a daily to do list for the wedding covering invites, papers, signages, décor, guest list etc. Apps like evernote are ever helpful!

STEP 7 –  Think of your guests always! Keep them in the loop.

The best way to do this is a wedding website – a WEDSITE! Check their’s out ⬇︎

A wedding website for Indian destination wedding how to make advice | DIY website | Jonathan & Subhashree | Curated by Witty Vows

TIP:  These crazy kids DIYd this on WIX ! It’s super simple actually all you need to do is choose from some ready templates, put in your details and send everyone the link!

STEP 8 –  HAVE FUN and turn it into the best trip EVER

Now that you have everything covered, step back and involve your self in activities with friends and families. Turn leftover work into recreation – Subhashree and Jonathan made the punch together with their friends, their friend baked their cake and all the guests helped them bring in the alcohol for some wedding beer cheer 😜 It was an awesome vacation with everyone they loved, where they got married as well. Told you – BEST.HOLIDAY.EVER.

The happy couple Subhashree and Jonathan from their beautiful Indian destination wedding in the hills | DIY bride diaries - ideas for an outdoor Indian wedding| christian style ceremony | Witty Vows


This was their crew – the behind the scenes superheroes from the wedding:

Photographer – Arjun’s Tryst with the Camera

Videographer – Lakshya Manwani

Planner – Wedding Duo

Invites – Pretty Gilded

Website – Super Subhashree on WIX 😉


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