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Choosing the right necklace for your face shape | stylists hack for indian bride | how to choose your bridal jewellery
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LETS FACE IT – Choosing the Right Necklace for your Face Shape! 👸🏽👸🏽

This is the final edition of our “Lets face it” series where we helped you select the right Indian jewellery picks for your face shape.

In this post, we bring to you what stylists recommend are the best necklace styles to compliment your face.

As we mentioned before, face shapes can be broadly classified into 6 types – square, round, triangular, oblong, oval, diamond and heart. We’re revealing the right neck piece pairing for each shape!


To begin, first identify your face shape. If you need any help with this refer to our earlier post.

Now that you know your face shape, lets hear what experts say you should wear:



If you have a square face, you will be gifted with a strong brow line, striking cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Damn! That’s edgy 😉. Your choice of neckwear should work on softening these features. Pick styles that are more organic in their shape – remember to avoid geometric designs! Necklaces that add length and curves are your best friends . Choose pendants or other focal components with curves and swirls to counter the strong angular elements of your jaw.

Learn from your face twin: Kareena Kapoor

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Those with a round face shape should always think long, thin and graceful. You want to wear delicate jewellery that will offset the fullness of your face. Longer necklaces, todas and haars that will elongate your necklaces and visually lengthens your face are preferable. Avoid styles like chokers and haslis. Quick tip if you like the visual style of a small neckpiece give it the illusion of length by adding tikdas or by letting it remain longer from one side.

Learn from your face twin: Preity Zinta

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If this is your face shape, then you want to focus on narrowing your forehead and widening the lower part of your face. Princess and matinee length necklaces are ideal as they create a gentle curve under the jawline. Remember you want to lengthen the look of the face. You could also achieve this with pendants that draw the focus from your pointed chin and counter the angularity of your jawline with their curves/round shape.

Learn from your face twin: Diya Mirza

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If you have an oblong face, you want to pick styles that hide all that length and play on accentuating the width of your face. For you large bold styles high up in the neck are best, particularly if you have a long neck as well. Look at short necklace styles like chokers, bold hasslis and collars. You can even look at small necklaces with bold pendants or  or even short strings. If you wish to go dainty, space out the design to cover more horizontal space.

Learn from your face twin: Katrina Kaif

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This is considered the easiest kind of face to accessorize, since it complements most kinds of jewellery. It’s natural symmetry makes this a stylist’s dream! As an oval faced bride, you can safely opt for any size/shape/style of necklace. As long as you remember to keep in mind your body proportions and the neckline you’re wearing, you will look gorgeous in your ensemble!

Learn from your face twin: Sonam Kapoor

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Angular at its maximum! Ladies you have a sharp face with strong angles. What you need to work on is to soften these with curved/round designs. This could be with long necklaces/short, Just remember not to add to the angular play of your face with heavy geometric designs!

Learn from your face twin: Malika Arora

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Since this face shape is all about the pointed chin and the wider forehead, pick necklaces that will soften the chin and jawline. Choker, collar and princess lengths are a good pick for you.  Dainty haslis and gulubands are also ideal for you.

Learn from your face twin: Deepika Padukone

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So girls, now that you have the insider scoop, are you ready to rock your wedding ensemble?

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What necklace suits your face? Tell us in the comments below

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