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Married Life Truth – What To Expect After your Indian Wedding

If you are getting married, you should know what you are getting into, what you should be expecting and what exactly is married life..

Yes, you’ve planned out everything for before the wedding, but what about after? Wondering what it’ll be like someone’s Mrs.? Is it all hugs and kisses? Real brides bare their heart and give you a low down on what to expect at the start. 

Things To Expect in your Married Life…

A REALity of what to expect once the party is over, as we dole out what nobody will tell you (but they totally should!)

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Hunger Games

Remember your bae’s favourite maa ke haath ka khaana (that he just could not stop talking about) – you may not find yourself drooling over it as much as him. It will be a great idea to stock some comfort) food  (aka Junk ) ‘coz its way to early to critique your new mom! 

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Your Man = Mama’s Boy

For all those who think it won’t happen to them, polite applause, followed by some major ROTFL! Whether it is a love match or an arranged one, EVERY boy is a Mama’s boy. A couple of days (or hours, depends on your luck!)  after the wedding,  you will find YOUR husband gushing about how great his Mom is in EVERY possible way, subtly for every single day.  Embrace her awesomeness, after all, she’s opening her world to you.

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From one bride to another, its better to accept that his first love is his mother!

Gossip Girl guests

No matter how outgoing your to-be hubby’s family is, there will always be your own version of pammi aunty on the prowl. These gossip guests will make you the centre of their world (perhaps even more than bae). If you’re are dressed up, aunty speak = trying too hard. They’re quite hard to please, so guess what – don’t even try. Relax and enjoy the newness with bae by your side, you’re his wife before being the aunty’s bride. A word of advice – save those Hotpants for honeymoon and keep  comfy (modest) casuals especially when Bua’s and Maasis are still around.

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A couple of days after the wedding you’ll think you have a black tongue, you called your BAE baby, because he’s totally acting like one! You will be taking care of his outfits, his food, his wardrobe, his travel, his packing for the honeymoon and even his shaving kit. Basically, you adopted a man-child. Cue in your tears!

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Freaky Fridays

Be prepared for days when you WILL be questioning your decision. you will question whether bae is your soulmate, you’ll doubt and pretty much freak out! Know that it’s normal to be anxious during the first few days of married life, its not all just laughter. You or your hubby may not be in the mood and there will be off days, when even sex won’t be wow, just breathe and remember he’s your BAE!

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