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Ways to send thank you notes to your Indian Wedding Guests

So you’ve finally tied the knot and are getting over the throwbacks from the fab wedding? Getting withdrawals on all the fun you had with your family and friends? Well here’s a fab way to channel your throwback Thursdays because post-wedding thank yous is a big new trend! Of course, we found few fun and oh so cute ways to send thank you notes and more to your mains for making your wedding so insane! 💖

Simply Thank You Notes…

If you’re old school, then this one is for you. Write your guests a handwritten thank you note! You can send them via mail or even via Whatsapp (because #GoGreen). Your guests will love this small effort you make as a couple!

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Say It On Gram..

This is not the most personal way to say thank you to your wedding guests but, if you write a heartfelt caption and pair it with a super cute pic, we are sure it’ll click. Don’t’ forget to tag everyone! 

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Send Favours

Add a fun favour to the thank yous! Send out a small box of chocolates or local delicacies (if you have a destination wedding). Even cute hampers or personised bath bombs etc will be of great use and they’ll love it!

The Bridesmaid’s Note..

We think there should be a special way to thank the girls who stood by you through thick and thin, heard you go on and on about how you can’t find the perfect outfit for your Mehendi, helped you plan surprises for hubby-to-be, etc. A gorgeous gift for your fabulous girls is a great idea or even a note beautifully written can do the trick..!

Do A Special Photo Shoot

When you do a save the date/a pre-wedding shoot do this at the same time. Put together a fun photo to say thank you to send to all your loved ones. Make a creative and play around with different ideas, brainstorm with your photographers and videographers. 

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A Video

Just make a simple video at home or edit it with all the fun snapshots from your wedding and send digital thank you notes as a couple for your loved ones..

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