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Destination Wedding Games To Play At Your Big Fat Indian wedding

An Indian wedding is all about masti and family! If you’re having a wedding in 2020 that too a destination wedding, then keeping everyone entertained is super important be it laadhikiwale or laadkewale, both sides should have constant masti ‘cuz well, it’s your wedding! Here’s a list of wedding games to play at your destination Indian Wedding…

List Of Destination Wedding Games at Your 2020 Indian Wedding

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‘Who is likely to’

This wedding game is going to be one entertainer for all your guests! Get placards with the groom and bride’s face on each side and ask them questions regarding the couple. This is one of the latest wedding games to play at an Indian wedding in 2020!

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Family Cricket

Cricket is also something that you and your families (from both sides obv😝) can play and have a girls side vs boys side match Its a super fun and familiar interactive game which everyone at your destination wedding is going to enjoy.😌

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PS – Especially good for an NRI wedding. If PeeCee’s firing baraati’s loved it, yours will too!

Giant Jenga

Jenga has been played a lot of times casually in your homes, but Jenga at a wedding that too a giant one .. how can that not be fun?! Gaint Jenja is perfect to play on the mehndi ceremony at your 2020 Indian wedding making it a total rage!

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Clay Pictionary

Yes, you heard that right, get some play doh and ask your friends to compete to see who can get their Pictionary on fleek! This game will be a crowd puller for sure!

Giant Twister

Having an oversized twister sheet spread across the open area would definitely make add a fun twist (pun intended) for all the guests! You can even improvise this game by playing it with music in the background..! 😌

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Beer Pong

Beer pong even though seems to be a little firangi but can be played on desi-wedding functions as well! This fun wedding game is a win-win for both parties. When you win, you get to brag; but when you lose, you get to drink!

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Classic Snakes & Ladders 🐍

Everyone from kiddos to elders loves snakes and ladders. To add some fun to your destination wedding, this is one of the all-time favourites on the list! Super colourful and fun making it perf for a Mehendi function!

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Kite Flying

An old school super fun game is kite flying . Everyone from big to small can take part in an interactive & colourful session of kite flying at your wedding shenanigans ♥︎

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Tug of War !

Two teams on either side of the rope can be ladkiwalle Vs ladkewalle, they can pull from either side and who so ever wins is the better side amongst the two be it friends of the groom or the bride 😛

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