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Rules to keep in mind for Indian wedding hashtags
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What you need to know BEFORE you freeze your compulsory Indian Wedding Hashtag 💖😇

Found the perfect Indian Wedding hashtag and ready to have it printed across all those wedding cards, e-invites and save the dates? Well you may want to wait! ⚠️ Read this article before your cards go to print and it’s too late. Yes, the Indian wedding hashtag is a trend that’s taken our weddings by storm, hell they’ve become norm! But, there’s a lot more you need to see to make sure your cool hashtag can stand the social pressures of an Indian wedding 😜. Social media experts (and serial wedding guests) reveal some simple things to keep in mind to create a perfect Indian wedding hashtag that has all the potential to go wedding viral! A.k.a rules to follow before you freeze your hashtag so it’s a decision you’re not dreading!

Indian Wedding hashtag guide | Rules to follow | Hashtag signage on chalkboard

With Great power comes great responsibility. Things you need to keep in mind BEFORE you make that Indian wedding hashtag viral!

Look before you Leap

Indian Wedding hashtag guide | Rules to follow

Your hashtag is your personal wedding album online. Where you can find your wedding photos using the hashtag anytime. But, BEFORE you spread the word to the world on your hashtag, do a quick check on instagram to see if it’s been used before. If there’s only a handful of other photos on the tag it’s yours to take, if not then it’s back to the drawing slate! You can’t hijack that hashtag! You want it to be a unique place for just your photos so if it already has too much of someone else, its a complete no go!

Psst! – Anything below 15 photos is fine. Above that, no bride can happily really say the hashtag’s mine! 💖

Spell Check

Indian Wedding hashtag guide | Rules to follow

Pick a hashtag that’s easy to spell so that guests don’t create their own version by mistake and tag photos on a tag that’s totally fake! Trust us, you don’t want to loose those pictures in ten different versions of your hashtag! That’s a no no! This is particularly true for Indian Wedding hashtags rich in Hinglish! (Admit it, we all sound like pseudo firangs trying to read out a Hindi text written in English!) So when it comes to the spelling, it’s always best to KISS! 😈 (Keep it stupid simple)

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Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word to be Heard

Indian Wedding hashtag guide | Rules to follow

Make the hashtag easy for guests to get, this way there’ll be better chances of them all using the right tag, particularly if they understand the idea or gag! Social media experts advocate that people are more likely to use a hashtag if they relate to it. If your guests understand the inside joke they’ll definitely want to use the hashtag over and over again! 😍

Too Long is Just Wrong

Indian Wedding hashtag guide | Rules to follow

If you really want people to use the hashtag, you’ve got to make it easy. This is an Indian wedding people, if it’s too crazy long we’re gonna be very lazy! We’re talking easy enough of them to tag pictures in their drunken stupor! If it’s a hashtag you can drink and use, it’s pretty super duper ! #TBT the KISS above!😜

There, now that you know these tips, your hashtag will be safe from the common pitfalls. Your’s will be an EPIC wedding with a hashtag that’ll appeal to them all! 💖

Have any hashtag experiences to share, comment below and tell us there!


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